Why Segum

Slovak production

Our products are made by techniques, which are verified by decades with their own soul and character. During production we keep principles of quality, respect, the customer demands, but we also watch the latest trends in the production.

Quality guarantee

The quality is closely connected to the production procedures of individual products and it is an expression of relationship between the producer and product. We do not belong to those, who copy trends, but thanks to the approach to the customers’ demands and incessant innovations we deliberate to those, who determine the trends.

Elegance and aesthetics

Each product contains a clear long-time experience of our workers. That is why the products breaths with their own elegance and by their ownership you gain a feeling of exceptionality. Their aesthetics and internal balance rank our products to the top of the Slovak production.


Human hands are the most perfect and creative tool, which we have. We express this exceptionality in the process of creation and by the quality of our products. Each product is an original made with a feeling and consistency according to the market demands.

Phytosanitary certificate

Product security certificate

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Coir plants product certificate

Decree of the member of the upholsterers and decorators guild

Slovak record certificate

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